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Mappa dell'hotel

Mappa dell'hotel
Suzhou Sun Plaza Hotel, Si trova in una posizione privilegiata nel centro di Suzhou, adiacente alla strada pedonale in pietra con centinaia di anni di storia.La metropolitana, l'autobus e il taxi intorno all'hotel sono molto convenienti. È adiacente alla Metro Line 2 e mezz'ora al Centro Expo.Intorno al centro fitness, spa, sauna massaggio, KTV e altre strutture per il tempo libero.
Il 16 storey Hotel integra business, alloggio, catering e intrattenimento. Lo stile architettonico unico e lo stile di decorazione unico progettato da insegnanti famosi rendono l'hotel un edificio storico in Suzhou.
Ci sono vari tipi di camere alberghiere, che combinano cultura tradizionale cinese con il giapponese premuroso e meticoloso servizio per fornire agli ospiti una sensazione al servizio domestico.Il piano privato offre servizi dettagliati e personalizzati per gli ospiti.
L'hotel ha un bar hall e un ristorante occidentale per fornire tutti i tipi di cibo delizioso per gli ospiti.Il designer dell'hotel ha progettato un balcone all'aperto proprio come un bar naturale di ossigeno fuori dal hall bar al quinto piano per gli ospiti dell'hotel per rilassarsi.
Il centro congressi dell'hotel ha una sala multi-funzione che può ospitare più di 200 persone. Inoltre, è dotato di una serie di sale conferenze di diverse dimensioni, dotato di una varietà di attrezzature conferenze high-tech, e fornisce servizi di conferenze professionali ben addestrati, meticolosi e completi.
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Hotel FAQs
  • Che orari di check-in e check-out sono previsti presso Suzhou Sun Plaza Hotel?

    Il check-in è dalle 14:00 e il check-out è fino alle 12:00 presso Suzhou Sun Plaza Hotel.

  • Suzhou Sun Plaza Hotel dispone di una piscina e palestra?

    No, l'hotel non dispone di piscina o palestra. Si prega di consultare la pagina dei dettagli per ulteriori servizi.

  • Suzhou Sun Plaza Hotel dispone di un ristorante in loco?

    Sì, puoi mangiare in hotel.

  • Suzhou Sun Plaza Hotel dispone di banda larga o Wifi?

    Sì, si prega di contattare la reception dell'hotel per i dettagli.

  • Suzhou Sun Plaza Hotel accetta il pagamento anticipato?

    Accetta, invia il tuo ordine prima di contattarci.

  • Suzhou Sun Plaza Hotel accetta carte di credito?

    No, l'hotel non accetta carte di credito.

  • Quanto costa la colazione dell'Suzhou Sun Plaza Hotel?

    La colazione è di CNY48 / persona.

  • Quanto costa soggiornare presso Suzhou Sun Plaza Hotel?

    I prezzi partono da CNY488, a seconda del tipo di camera e della data.

Recensioni Ancora
  • yisact
    Good, recommended
  • cuter4
    The hotel is very close to the subway station. The room is good. I recommend it!
  • Jimmy07
    The hotel has superior location, convenient transportation, clean rooms and warm layout. Compared with hotels of the same grade, it has high cost performance. The hotel rooms are very clean, the layout is very warm, the bedding is very comfortable, everything necessary is available, the waiter is very friendly and will stay next time.
  • ll2266
    Convenient transportation, downtown! Five star praise!
  • Fireside
    So high, so high, so high, so high, so high, so high, so embarrassing, so good
  • e01053610
    The hotel has first-class environmental sanitation. I hope it will be maintained all the time. The service is very friendly. Any problems can be solved. I recommend it
  • icelion
    Everything was good. Breakfast was great. I don't know which floor the KTV is at night. It's very noisy. I can't sleep when I open the window.
  • e05028313
    The new hotel is located in the south of Shilu pedestrian street, 200 meters away from Shantang street, which is very convenient. The hotel facilities were very good, and it helped us upgrade to a suite. It's just that the details of the service still need to be improved. For example, after looking in the room for a long time, I found that the waiter forgot to put on his slippers. The sofas and cushions of the hotel that has been open for a long time have collapsed, but it doesn't affect our mood of staying in the hotel. We will choose him next time.
  • tonypaulen
    Geographical transportation is very convenient! The room is clean and sanitary, the quilt is dry, the shower head is unobstructed, the water pressure is very good!
  • rabbit1
    The room is clean and busy. There is nothing to eat for breakfast. There is no swimming pool and gym in the hotel
  • jc7374
    The hotel is very new. It's located on the upper floor of the shopping mall, surrounded by the commercial area. It's very convenient to buy things. It's only 5 minutes' walk to Shantang scenic area. The hotel has complete facilities, the quality of service personnel is improved, and the service is considerate. It's a very satisfying stay.
  • bblove888
    It's very close to the exit of Metro Line 2. You can see the hotel in front of you from the elevator. Of course, that's one of the reasons why I chose this one. The transportation at the gate is convenient, so it's not a problem to go to various scenic spots. Some just turn around. The largest garden is only one stop away. It's just a walk away. Qilishantang old street is close at hand. Unfortunately, I went too late and I was still too nervous to play for an hour. The hotel facilities are OK. I think it's a five-star standard. It's four-star. The bathroom is super large and there are bathtubs. But I think there are many bathtubs in the hotel. I don't have a hotel for breakfast. I like to go out to find food. It's not easy to evaluate. I will consider this hotel if I have the chance to go again.
  • besttwo888
    OK, OK, OK, OK, OK, OK, OK
  • flost
    Very good. The environment is very good and cost-effective. I'll stay here next time I go to Suzhou~
  • andylief
    The transportation is convenient. There are many places to eat around. Generally speaking, it's OK.
  • e00160810
    The environment of the hotel is very good. It's very convenient in the pedestrian street
  • adamly
    very good
  • fadgag
    New hotel, but the price is a little high.
  • e01517499
    The hotel should be newly opened, with complete facilities, new and clean supplies, spacious rooms and comfortable living. It's very close to Shantang street and business district. It's good to eat, shop and hang out at night. It's not far to the railway station, bus north station and scenic spots. If you simply eat bowl noodles, it is recommended that the 'big bowl cow' beside the hotel is inexpensive and delicious. Remind everyone not to take a tricycle from Liuyuan to Huqiu. I was fooled and pulled to Dingyuan. Very poor. The tickets are expensive, including tour guides. They are all deceptive. Later, I heard the taxi driver say that 120 people have to regret going to 100 people. Three wheel owners raised the level for dozens. Don't be fooled again!!!
  • angela2070
    Very satisfied. The location, facilities and sanitation of the hotel are very good, and the service staff are very friendly. The only disadvantage is that the sound insulation is not ideal. Although I live on the 12th floor, I can still hear the noise of the road.
    The environment is very good, the service is very good, I will continue to live next time I go out
  • gilgerard
    Very good. The environment, facilities and service are all good. It would be better to have more kinds of breakfast ~
  • acayi
    Very good
  • leemiaoyi
    The location of the shop is very good
  • Rissy
    The transportation location is very good. It is also very convenient for eating and shopping. The hotel has a good vision, clean and comfortable environment, large rooms and complete things. Very cost-effective
  • ccwtorandoccw
    It's very convenient to eat
  • aesirtotal
    The environment is very good, very clean, and the service attitude is very good, but the quilt is too thick and heavy. The construction is next to the hotel, and it's very noisy at night
  • yanyan215
    Good, convenient
  • sdl20098
    I'm very satisfied with the superior double bed room. There are snacks near the hotel, which is very convenient
  • bigxinxin
    Location and transportation. The exit of line 2. The room is a little small. Maybe the room I ordered is cheaper. The facilities of other rooms are great.
  • SweetJuly
    It's hard to find. It's not easy to get in and out. The environment is clean
  • nantboy
    Underground parking lot. The hotel is on the fifth floor. There are shops below. It's convenient to eat and the room is very large.
  • lxbcy
    very very good hotel, good location just near the subway line 2, station shi lu (exit 12), the hotel very cleaner, the service very good, the breakfast acceptible, i recommande it to all friends.
  • beijingxu
    The location of the hotel is good, and my friends are very satisfied with it. The room is a little small, and the shower is quite good. I will choose it next time, and the service will be better. It's a good hotel.
  • ayola
    The environment is very good. It's close to the stone road.
  • JERRY7588
    very nice
  • E05575713
    It's a new shop with good facilities. If only we had breakfast
  • e04134352
    Convenient transportation, considerate service, clean and sanitary, the surrounding environment is noisy!
  • wy through thick and thin
    The hotel is very clean and the service is also very good. It is very close to Shantang street and Liuyuan. There are bathtubs and showers in the bathroom. If it can be cheaper, the cost performance will be super high!
  • anny1972
    The room is very comfortable, clean and warm, the decoration is also very good, the service is good, the room is also big and good. I'll think about it next time.
  • PACliuye
    The previous article added that don't believe that there is a man pretending to be a driver at the door. He is more enthusiastic. If he takes you to buy a ticket, there may be a rebate.
  • NN99MM08
    The environment is good, and the service is quite up to standard. The only thing is that the water pressure of the shower head is not enough. I can only take a shower with a hand-held shower. I hope it can be improved
  • lwm2009
    The hotel is very clean, the bathroom is relatively large, the sleeping place should be small, the location is relatively good, and Metro Line 2 is nearby.
  • Lily1024
    Four star hotel's benchmark, first-class facilities, the new hotel, the room is big enough, excellent location, go out is Shantang street and stone road, traffic is also convenient, the only shortage is why the TV is so small.
  • bdwjc
  • e00050834
    The location is very good, next to Yu Garden, on the other side is the city wall, the transportation is very convenient, the hotel is very clean.
  • jinwenpin
    Very cost-effective, the front desk attitude is average, and the breakfast is also very rich
  • li8161378
  • m02623312
    New hotel, good, the price is small and expensive.
  • e00137886
    The surrounding environment is very good, it is close to the scenic spot, and the service facilities are very good
  • ai Nature
    The location of the hotel is very good and the room is also very good. I will stay next time
  • allen00822
    Very satisfied on the whole, quite good! It's worth recommending!
  • lola1031
    For the second time. It's not facing the street this time. It's not as noisy as last time
  • petitefeifei
    Satisfied with the hotel environment, good service, forgot the clothes and helped express them back. This is the next one in Suzhou.
  • applelover571
    Good overall, cost-effective
  • pgtmlove198061
    Convenient transportation, newly renovated, very close to the mountain pond
  • lily1124
    The room is large, convenient and good
  • allen_yu
    The bathroom has a large space, and the used toothbrush will be changed every day. Towels and bath towels feel new and soft without stains. It's just that the bathroom has no exhaust equipment, which is very confusing. Fortunately, the bathroom floor can be dry after one night, and the room won't be wet. The hotel is located on the fifth floor, with an air garden on the same floor. The area is small, but it is better than nothing. The hotel is conveniently located, and it is also a large shopping mall. It is very convenient to store cars underground. It is also a good choice for self driving.