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Suzhou Sun Plaza Hotel is located in a prime location in the center of Suzhou, adjacent to the stone road pedestrian street with hundreds of years of history. The subway, bus and taxi around the hotel are very convenient. It is adjacent to Metro Line 2 and half an hour to the Expo Center. Around the fitness center, spa, sauna massage, KTV and other leisure facilities.
The 16 storey Hotel integrates business, accommodation, catering and entertainment. The unique architectural style and unique decoration style designed by famous teachers make the hotel a landmark building in Suzhou.
There are various types of hotel rooms, which combine Chinese traditional culture with Japanese considerate and meticulous service to provide guests with a feel at home service. The separate suite floor provides detailed and personalized services for guests.
The hotel has a lobby bar and a western restaurant to provide all kinds of delicious food for the guests. The designer of the hotel has designed an outdoor balcony just like a natural oxygen bar outside the lobby bar on the 5th floor for hotel guests to relax.
The conference center of the hotel has a multi-function hall which can accommodate more than 200 people. In addition, it is equipped with a number of conference rooms of different sizes, equipped with a variety of high-tech conference equipment, and provides well-trained, meticulous and comprehensive professional conference services.
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FAQs when booking at Suzhou Sun Plaza Hotel
  • What are the check-in and check-out time at Suzhou Sun Plaza Hotel?

    Check-in time is from 14:00, and check-out time is until 12:00 at Suzhou Sun Plaza Hotel.

  • Does Suzhou Sun Plaza Hotel have a pool or gym?

    No, The hotel has no pool and fitness room. See details about other facilities on this page.

  • Does Suzhou Sun Plaza Hotel have a restaurant?

    Yes, you could have a meal in the hotel.

  • Does Suzhou Sun Plaza Hotel offer internet or wifi?

    Yes, please request it when you check in the hotel.

  • Does Suzhou Sun Plaza Hotel accept prepaid room charge?

    Yes, please contact us after submitting a reservation.

  • Does Suzhou Sun Plaza Hotel accept credit card payments?

    No, the hotel does not accept credit card payment.

  • How much is the breakfast at Suzhou Sun Plaza Hotel?

    Each costs cny48 for extra breakfast.

  • How much does it cost to stay at Suzhou Sun Plaza Hotel?

    The room prices is from cny498, but it may vary depending on your stay(e.g. dates, room type etc.).

Reviews more
  • wangxin80
    The hotel is located in the quiet, surrounded by pedestrian street and Shantang Street scenic spot, with subway, which is convenient to travel. As it is a new hotel, the room facilities and hygiene are very good, clean and tidy. The room area is also large, and the family and his party live very comfortably. The most important thing is that the cost performance is very high. You can consider living permanently in the future.
  • Vivian Beijing girl
    Convenient transportation, good room type, good location, clean and private
  • bluesnailxu
    The hotel is very clean, the decoration style is more like a fast type than a four-star one, and the sound insulation is also poor. The front desk service is very general
  • liangmy66
    The hotel is at guangjiqiao station. There are many bus lines, which are very convenient. The lobby is at 5L, check in, and then another elevator arrives at the guest room, which is safer. The color of the room is fresh and clean. When you go out of the hotel, turn right and go straight to the entrance of Shantang. Very good. I will choose this hotel in Suzhou in the future.
  • fuji03553
    The facilities are relatively new, located in Shilu business district, not far from Shantang street. There is also a small roof garden at the door of the restaurant, which is also elegant. Good, worthy of recommendation.
  • tiexin
    Good geographical location
  • afool
    The location is very good and the surrounding facilities are also very convenient! Catering and shopping are very close! It's also very close to tourist attractions. It's only 10 minutes' walk from Shangtang street!
  • angel220
    It's close to Shantang street. It's very convenient
  • dinggangyu
    The hotel is good, the city entrance is good, and the travel is good
  • bennotian
  • memsonic
    The transportation is very convenient. Take the subway two stops from Suzhou station. There are also several scenic spots around Liuyuan, Shangtang street, changmen and so on. Services and facilities are also above the four stars.
  • appleccui
  • e01416539
    It's bright and comfortable
  • e00993648
    It's a great hotel. It's worth it
  • Albertyt
    The room was clean and the service was generally good.
  • niniyeung
    The hotel facilities and sanitary environment are very good. It's comfortable to live in and the transportation is also convenient. The trip was very happy
  • luluxiaole
    The location of the hotel is excellent, Liuyuan and Shantang ancient street are very close, the hotel is still in Jinchang business center, praise! The service and sanitation are also impeccable, the facilities are relatively new, the view outside the window is wide, but the passageway outside the room is narrow and depressing.
  • apres
    The hotel is nice and clean.
  • Amanda_198312
    The hotel is near the stone road pedestrian street and not far from Shantang street. It's very convenient. When you go to Liuyuan, breakfast is average, and 48 is expensive. I hope to improve the quality of breakfast
  • edio521
    To watch a concert with friends, the hotel is very new and the transportation is very convenient. It's very convenient to go out on the subway. It's very close to every place, even if you can't get a taxi, you can walk very fast. The interior of the hotel is very clean and the toilet is very large. Next time I come to Suzhou, I will consider living here
  • e00055055
    Praise! Not bad
  • E04348018
    Downtown, walk to Shantang street for a few minutes. The room is clean and the service is good.
  • fuming911
    The hotel as a whole is similar to the Express Hotel. I feel that the management wants to provide good service, but there are still many deficiencies. 1. The bottom of the bathtub is black. It feels like it can't be brushed off. The first impression is dirty; 2. The Wi Fi and telephone in the room on the day of check-in can't be used. It has been checked in for 5 days, which has been reflected for 4 times, and it can't be used all the time; 3. Small details. I didn't find my headband the day before. I came back at night and found it on the ground. It should be on the ground after cleaning the room. The position is very obvious. But no one picked it up. The same problem is that children's toys are piled on the floor after sweeping. It's not good. Overall, I feel that I have a sense of service, but it is not ideal at present.
  • e04858591
    Convenient transportation, big and clean room, good service ~ worth recommending
  • a-mey
    The room is bright and clean, the bed is comfortable, near the stone road pedestrian street
  • dan99
    The location is convenient, the interior of the hotel is clean and tidy, and the service is very good. At this price, it is cost-effective. The only small disadvantage is that the shower room leaks a little.
  • clairefill
    Good choice
  • daisyysd
    not bad
  • scarey
    just so so............
  • soul14mm
    The hotel is new, clean and tasteless. It's convenient to go to Shantang street. The hotel is above the 5th floor, and there are many restaurants below the 5th floor, which is very convenient.
  • jefftj
    Very good, very new, very comfortable, the waiter had a good attitude.
  • amy111888
    The hotel environment is very good and clean. It's at Shilu station of Metro Line 2. It takes less than 10 minutes to walk to Shantang street. It is surrounded by stone road business district. It is also very convenient to eat.
  • lijianisfine
    Very satisfied!
  • Bruce Xu
    It's surrounded by a business district. Good
  • armitagedanny
    The hotel is very clean, the bathroom is very big and comfortable!! The service attitude was excellent, especially the reception staff, very polite! I would also like to praise the receptionist on the first floor. The young man is very warm!!! Finally, we should praise the geographical location. Qilishantang and Liuyuan are very close on foot!
  • e00452499
    The overall evaluation was good. It was worth checking in. After coordinating with the front desk, we agreed to check out at 1:00 noon. The humanized service should be praised.
  • linguiste
    Very good hotel, cost-effective, will stay next time
  • eaglin
    The facilities are excellent, the service is excellent and the price is reasonable. It's worth recommending. One order every day, even three orders.
  • lesley_alan
    After checking in, my friend said it was pretty good.
  • aiton
    The room, the bathroom, are great! I'll come next time!
  • bondyi
    The location of the hotel has to be said! Liuyuan, Shantang street, Shangtang street, Shilu pedestrian street! Just a few hundred meters, very close! First of all, there is no 'fruit platter' in the discount, and there is no discount exchange volume! No 80 yuan mini bar voucher! Fortunately, I drank three coke halls and didn't ask for money! Bath water, the temperature is not enough! Everything else was ok, overall satisfied! Recommended stay!
  • jennyroger
    Very clean, pillow and quilt fabrics are very good and comfortable! Breakfast is average, to be improved!
  • delft
    There was a problem with the cleaning of the room. The used tea cups were not replaced, and the used consumables were not replenished in time. The problem was solved in time after looking for the front desk. The rest was OK. The transportation near the hotel was very convenient
  • candy33665
    The environment is good, the room is big enough and cost-effective
  • Lenticule
    The hotel is too old, the price is OK, and the facilities need to be updated.
  • e00135412
    The standard room is much larger than the big bed room. Downstairs is the pedestrian street and ancient street, with a better geographical location
  • jin3249
    The hotel is very good and cost-effective. I will choose it next time.
  • dingya1978
    Very clean and convenient. Free parking is very considerate
  • snowforme
    Very good, the environment is good, clean and hygienic, the room is spacious, the transportation is convenient, quite satisfied!
  • AVA tea
    When I went to stay, the hotel had just opened. It was very close to Qili mountain pond. It was very good
  • jinlingjun
    Very good service, very good equipment, convenient transportation
  • arc131
    588 business big bed drop is too big, bathtub and broken hair, feel really not worth the price, breakfast is also very general.
  • misangu
    very good
  • bjxdbjxd
    I was lucky to find this hotel in the old city. The decoration details are in place, European and American style. Five star enjoyment.
  • ss168
    The hotel is clean and tall
  • seanxr88
    The hotel room is a little small. It's noisy outside at night. The bathroom can be quite big. Breakfast is 44 yuan per person. There are a few kinds of people. Generally speaking, it's close to the city
  • babbitt
    The hotel is good. It's clean. Breakfast was good, too
  • Tends
    not bad
  • jiadi0721
    The room is full of flying insects, and the bathtub is full of them. It is estimated that it is too wet
  • you2mely
    The hardware is good, the service is good, the parking lot is a little smelly, and there is a Qilishan pond nearby, so it's very convenient to play
  • aaronwx
  • Winter LOVE
    In the middle of the night, there was a lot of noise on the road. I was woken up several times...
  • rinajoo
    I'm very, very satisfied. Take the subway from the railway station to exit 12 of Shilu station. It's just there. The facilities are very new. It's just a stroll to Shantang street in the evening. It's very close to Humble Administrator's garden and tiger hill! Downstairs is the pedestrian street and shopping mall. It is suitable for shopping and enjoying the beautiful scenery! In particular, don't go to Dingyuan near xiahuqiu. The only failure of this trip
  • amypost
    Then you will choose the Sun Plaza Hotel in Suzhou. After living for five consecutive days, the old mother said she hadn't lived enough and couldn't give up. The guest room and breakfast are very good, and the transportation is very convenient. The guest rooms are large and clean.
  • e01732064
    It's a very good hotel. The facilities are very new. The room is not big, but it's spacious enough. It's worth the price. The service is also good. The only thing I don't understand is that two people check in. A staff member in the lobby told me that both people must have ID cards. If not, I have to go to the police station to prove my identity. I personally think other people who can prove my identity can be used, I don't understand this. The last person checked in is OK. I feel like it's unnecessary. I don't know whether the starting point is really for the sake of customers. Just in Shilu business district, the surrounding area is relatively prosperous. At least there is no shortage of places to eat. It is also very close to the subway station. It must be praised for its low price and high quality
  • sy19790503
    Good location
  • FYY001
    The environment is very good, the service staff are very friendly, the attitude is very good, the equipment in the room is also very complete, very valuable, only a few kilometers away from the scenic area, it's only ten minutes by taxi, behind is line 2 subway, direct high-speed rail, great
  • blowapc
    All aspects of the environment are good. It's very close to the pedestrian street and Shantang street. There are many snacks on the ground floor. Pretty good.
  • jinsun219
    The environment is very good. It's convenient to eat, drink and play around. It is worth recommending
  • feng52079790
    11 travel, choose No. 4 to Suzhou; 1. The location is very good. It is 2 stations away from the railway station (by subway). It is convenient to get to the store. Stay in the garden on the left, go to Tang street in front of the door, and walk one intersection to Shantang street; The sun square is convenient for dining; 2. The room is spacious, with 2 reserved rooms and 1. With a bed of 5 meters, our family of three and the elderly are comfortable; Clean and odorless, and the bedding is clean; The family are very satisfied 3, but it's a little insufficient. The room can be equipped with a big TV, so it won't appear blank on the wall
  • lemontree_cn
    Very good, very good service
  • anna sui
    Very satisfied
  • diduo
    It's cost-effective.
  • liansand
    The hotel rooms are clean
  • ielderpig
    I booked the Sun Plaza Hotel in Suzhou at the weekend. First, I saw on the Internet that the people who had checked in before rated it well. The experience of actual check-in is also very good. The transportation is convenient. It is also convenient to eat and shop and go to scenic spots. More importantly, the hotel has good room hygiene. It is a rare and very clean star hotel. You can see the city view of the old area of Suzhou from the landing window of the room, The night tiles are more beautiful than the night tiles. Very satisfied. I'll stay here in Suzhou in the future.
  • pplive
    The place is a little small and there is no swimming pool to improve
  • arison1983
    Overall, it's great
  • logicmouse
    The location of the hotel is very important when booking. The location is super good. It is less than three minutes away from exit 12 of Shilu station of line 2. Next to it are pedestrian street and large department stores. It is close to Shantang street. The hotel is very new and clean, which can give the Hotel high marks.
  • David68
    Good facilities, service up to standard! Preferred hotel for business trip in Suzhou!